Other Services

We take the role of Chief Financial Officer for our clients and provide an array of financial services.

401(k) Advisory

We diligently analyze available investment options within our clients’ employer sponsored retirement accounts to provide guidance on the best investment selections that optimize each individualized investment portfolio. Through the coordination of tax-deferred and taxable accounts, we focus on minimizing future taxes and investment expenses while maintaining global diversification.

Estate Planning

From basic wills to complex trust structures, a thorough estate plan is an integral aspect of one’s financial well-being. To support our clients, we leverage our industry relationships to locate a compatible legal team capable of providing anticipated estate planning needs. Once a legal team is selected, we assist with the financial aspects of the estate plan including design, implementation, and monitoring.

College Planning

College planning can be an intimidating endeavor as costs have far outpaced the rate of inflation in recent years. We guide families through the process of estimating future college expenses, utilizing tax advantaged savings accounts such as 529 College Savings Plans, and making the best investment choices for funds earmarked for college needs.

Alternative Asset Review

Many clients invest outside of traditional liquid investments such as stocks and bonds, including private equity, venture capital and real estate. For these alternative asset classes, we assist with due diligence, risk assessment, financial modeling, investment monitoring, and portfolio integration.

Charitable Giving

Charitable giving has become an increasingly important part of financial planning. There are numerous considerations when donating assets to maximize the income and estate tax benefits of a gift. We guide clients through the alternative scenarios and articulate in plain English the pros and cons of various giving structures including individual foundations, donor advised funds, charitable lead trusts, and charitable remainder trusts.

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